Software literacy

Sadly, connection between hand and paper is diminishing as we progress with computers taking the lead. We rarely use pens, pencils, erasers, and we switch those for electronic buttons. In these times of fast paced industry, one must stay relevant and up to date which is getting harder. During my studies, I had the idea that the more I know, the easier I will get a respectable job. I’ve had a lot of programs to learn, and that was the best time to get some useful knowledge. Little did I know that architectural studios use only one, or two at most software packages. As my career progressed, I’ve had the chance to learn more.

Archicad – I used this software since version 10, back when glass structural facade was a pain to model. Version 10 was my first contact with BIM. I was amazed how easy it is to model buildings and get technical data from models, against 2D drawings that were mainstream at the time. It was version 11 that was breaking point for me, since then I used ArchiCAD as a “go-to” software for architectural visualization and drafting. Version 11 had convenient tutorials that included modeling house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and I went through every step of the tutorial while I was a student. I loved structural facade design tool in version 12, but sadly this is where I take a break. Companies that I work with decide that 2D DWG drawings are the way to go, rightfully so in some cases. For instance, CNC machines for stone cutting need DXF files that they use for a cutting guidelines, which is not so easy to optimize in ArchiCAD. I still continued to learn, and in the 2014 I got a chance to do some extensive 3D modeling. Version 20 brings new looks, way more options for parametric modeling, and it was that exact version that I used to design my first building from start to finish that was completed. Needless to say, I was able to adapt to the different circumstances,  revisions, etc. way easier and faster in contrast to two dimensional drawings that I could have chosen if I’ve wanted to.


Maxwell render







Short inside look into the software that I use
Vladimir Simović software literacy