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If you want to take a glance at my career, this is where to look at. List of my former employees, with some of the work showcased.

Maybe this is the place to tell you a little bit about my work ethics? In regards to new morality that comes with new generations, I always feel pressed not to have good working relations with my “comrades”. After all, what is a good working relation? To me, and to me only, it is knowing who you work with. I need to have confidence in the person sitting next to me. Often do I find myself on a tight schedule, and I need to fill in for someone else. When there is not enough time for me, I need to count on my teammates to jump right in. I did not get a chance in life yet to get employed in a  company that has good working hours, so, take it from my experience, when you need to stay late with someone, you want that person to be a kind one, and someone you can talk to.  Or just be silent with

Of course you do not have to agree on everything, just that small talk can make those three extra working hours more bearable. Talk about jazz, your kids, world peace, I shouldn’t care. Don’t talk at all, be silent, same to me. You can be black, white, Asian, who cares. The most important thing is to be a normal coworker, understand that we are all different, and that everyone is entitled to his opinion. If we disagree, there is no need for animosity.