Hello, it’s me,


I am an architect, and a father of two boys. Over the course of past twelve (12) years, I’ve specialized in custom interior architecture. This includes millwork packages, metal & glass packages, and stonework packages. My formal education background is in field of architecture, where I’ve proved as one of best students, but my professional background is composed of management, production, and delivery of mentioned trades.

As a father, I value composure.

As an architect, I excel in constructing complex interiors, leading design teams, and executing design visions. The process of guiding concepts to fruition, gathering feedback on both client projects and personal endeavors, fuels my passion and drives me to rise eagerly each morning.

In my quest to understand the big projects and interior industry, I actively compiled vast knowledge from different perspectives. This involved no shortcuts, but rather a thorough process. It enabled me to lead conversations persuasively and effectively address issues emerging from various sides of the table.

Concert Hall Zaryad’ye

I find inspiration in tackling complex issues, engaging with curious minds, and fostering meaningful connections.

My areas of operations

My primary focus encompasses four key areas: architecture, my family, my leisure pursuits and fitness regimen, and my personal engagements.

Architecture and interiors.

This is what I live off.


Doing this is fun.


Thoughts I go by.

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