Vladimir Simović is an architect and a father of two inspired by the potential in complex issues, curious people, and meaningful connections. Trained as an architect and seasoned as a project manager, entrepreneur, and carpenter.

Vladimir Simović
Profile photo Vladimir Simović.

Father, self-care advocate and purveyor of the cold hard truth. Quality that one can have, and that I appreciate and work towards the most is composure.

My work is grounded on the principles of total design. My professional experiences weave across architectural design, project management, and site supervision. With time, I’ve discovered that finding common ground, and co-designing for widely beneficial outcomes pays the best interest rates.


I am updating everything at the moment after four years break. My best guess is that this will take about 3 months since there is just not enough time to do everything and revisit every project. What I want to include is photography, my hobbies, interests, and make this website as a overview of not only my arch portfolio, but my abilities and views as well.

Edit 2:

It will take more than 3 months. There is just so much to work on. My ideas are ahead of my time management resources. Currently updated:

  • Home page is almost there, but not quite yet. Something is missing…
  • For search engine purposes it seems that I need to add Vladimir Simović once more in the text of this length. I will update this eventually.