General note

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I was lucky enough to be recognized as a candidate with potential for further growing, and my employer offered me a chance to work on a specific project that includes tons of sculpted ornaments. It involved working within team of sculptors on a task of creating Louis XVI (Seize) themed interior ornaments for a private villa in Russia. Entire interior had main design theme in named French style, with several smaller parts of the villa styled in Thailand ornaments.

Louis XVI themed ornaments.
11.6 million polygons.
Rhino, zBrush, Maxwell render.
Louis XVI themed door panels.
3.5 million polygons.
Rhino, zBrush, Maxwell render.

Firstly I used Rhino 3D for base modelling, and after setting up a base model, proportions, ornaments, spirals, etc… I’ve switched to Zbrush for sculpting and imperfections. During work it paid of really well to have Wacom Intuos Pro for modelling. Render displayed below is rendered in Maxwell render, 2K res, with plastic RAL7024 as a background, and standard gold as a material. Matte gold looked better than polished one.

Thai dragon themed ornament.
1.7 million polygons. 2k resolution image render.
Rhino, zBrush, Maxwell render.

At the time, I was 35 year old, and this was, by far, the most demanding task that I’ve done during my career. I have doubts that something complex as this will ever repeat. After a project like this, I’ve grown to like interiors such as this one, that I’ve previously looked at as over-stylized. Now that I am more mature, I actually enjoy this style.

Buddha themed ornament.
2.6 million polygons. 2k resolution image render.
Rhino, zBrush, Maxwell render.

The first interpretation. Project was massive and very hard for modelling since it has specific stylistic requirements.

The goal the we aimed for was, even though we used CNC machines for production, to create something believable, with depth, and something that looked not so perfect, as if it was made by hand. We put imperfections, irregular lines, odd shapes, etc… into our models, on purpose. With this approach to design, we have achieved satisfied clients and a space that is made to impress, and that does not have that “new” feeling to it, but rather antique style and “feeling of time”.

Final look is disclosed and unavailable for public viewing, geometry of this model is changed enough in order to preserve it as a display my skill. Of course, if I would say that I am the best at everything, it would be a lie. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and this model was executed in cooperation with five other colleagues. As it always is, someone is better at modelling various animals, someone has a thing for flowers, someone for proportion, spirals, etc… added bonus is that we had a wood carving specialist from Russia, involved at all times in every bit of this project, as he guided us throughout this journey. Some of my colleagues can be found here.