Navigating every detail of this Zaryad’ye hall philharmonic project has become second nature, even in the quiet hours of the night. While I’m uncertain if I’d recommend such an experience to others, the fact remains—I’ve not only undertaken it but successfully completed it. The endeavor was marked by an abundance of stress, a seemingly unattainable deadline, and an overwhelming number of particulars. Fortunately, the Zaryad’ye project was not only completed on time but also garnered no complaints.

At this moment, my contribution to this project primarily involves utilizing multiple software tools to bring it to fruition. Diller Scofidio + Renfro provided the initial concept and spatial ideas for the renovation, while the architectural studio Reserve utilized Archicad for the design and production of architectural documentation. Given the absence of straight lines in this project, Rhino emerged as the preferred software, providing optimal control over curves, complemented by Grasshopper. Finally, Solidworks and AutoCAD were instrumental in generating the final production and delivery documentation.

Nestled within the park is a cutting-edge Philharmonic building that transcends traditional boundaries. Beyond its impressive large and small concert halls, this architectural marvel boasts an expansive exhibition space, a captivating museum, and a thoughtfully curated shop. The construction of this avant-garde structure was not only a feat of architectural prowess but also a collaborative effort that benefited from the invaluable knowledge and experience of individuals like the General and Artistic Director of the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, the renowned conductor Valery Gergiev. His contribution added a layer of artistic insight and expertise, elevating the Philharmonic building to a harmonious blend of architectural brilliance and cultural richness.

Enterijer Janković undertook the responsibility of adorning both the grand and intimate Zaryadye concert halls, introducing dynamic elements such as adjustable beams and intricately designed 3D relief ceilings. Wall claddings crafted from luxurious exotic mahogany wood add a touch of opulence to the space. Beyond the concert halls, the skilled touch of Enterijer Janković extends to the public areas, ensuring a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere throughout the venue.