Luxury villa, Austria

Luxury villa interior project for a disclosed, private client in Tirol, Austria. I was involved in this project as a site supervisor. 1.200 sqm in total, 4 levels. I had to work out on site specific details, do on-site modifications, and in general do a project delivery in coordination with project manager, assembly team, draftsman team, etc…

Company that I’ve worked within at the moment was responsible with interior design and project delivery. Start of the project was marked with departure of previous project manager from the company, so I had a hard start on this one since it wasn’t so clear what the project task was, deadline, timeframe, etc… Onsite management required me to figure out what was already done in production stage, what was implemented from the design stage, and to complete everything else needed for successful project delivery. I had to take multiple additional measurements, coordinate transportation, workers accommodation, supervise assembly, details, and whole installation process in general. I’ve attached some images during project delivery stage, but as they are not as representative as above shown, I’ll keep this at the end and modest in numbers.

In the end, this was my largest and most expensive project to that date that I’ve supervised, and added bonus is that I had to do it while being involved in 4 more less luxury modular houses in Wien, Austria. A lot of time was spent in coordination of these sites, and far more in driving from one to another. All in all, after 6 months of driving, emails, corona and work, everything was delivered. Clients are satisfied with results, and I got a chance to display my capabilities.