During 2019. Enterijer Janković was engaged in mockup model for 75 sqm net area modular pavilion, that is intended to represent possibilities of prefabricated / modular construction.

Initial architectural design envisioned large scale opening on the south side, contemporary color combination of wood and anthracite, and utilitarian spirit in the sense of being able to assemble components in any area, relatively easy with minimum use of machinery. Windows were aimed to provide maximum light penetration and ultimate viewing experience, with unobscured connection to the nature.

Entire structure consists of prefabricated lightweight gauge steel frames (LGS for short), with front frame made from hot rolled square shaped steel hollow profiles. Panels are cladded from both interior and exterior sides, with vapor barriers and membranes pre-applied. Prefabricated foundations are spaced on site, with hot rolled “I” beam profile making the basis for floor panels. Next, prefabricated fully equipped modular unit is lowered on site by crane, and MEP installations are connected. Following, wall panels are placed next and connected with frontal hot rolled frame, as well as modular unit. Finally, roof panels are placed as cantilevers and thus forming cohesive structure.

LGS structures can be seen as tin cans in the sense of structural stability. They are stable and flexible, resistant to outside events that could emerge. If the can is closed, it is impossible to deform it to extensive degree. But, if tin cap is removed, it becomes much easier to change structural integrity, thus the importance of completing the whole.

On the images above entire production process is shown from start to finish, even though project is still underway and in testing phase. Once every detail is revised, we will be able to offer fully modular / prefabricated structure to the demanding market, fully furnished with all FF&E included, MEP, upholstery, making the TOTAL design possible.