Project for a client with their unique approach to housing, Ozento 50. I was involved in several projects of this type while working at Enterijer Janković, as a project manager. These projects were delivered to France.

Quote: “By its rectangular form and its spacious glazed construction, this model has become our favorite. Ô50 can offer you a unique possibility of unity with the outdoor space. Your customers are frequently searching for a peaceful, natural, and spacious environment for their work journeys or vacations? This upscale bungalow is an excellent type of accommodation for couples or small families. Your costumers will get an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the open spaces proposed by Ôzento. A one-side glazed bedroom, a comfortable bathroom, and a kitchen area, according to our turnkey solutions will be ready for your utilization, you will only have to decorate and furnish this module to make it your unique place. We understand modern needs and can propose advanced solutions. With Ôzento cosy and elegant modules, for now, this dream can come true. We can upgrade the Ô50 module with by adding a terrace, to offer a breathtaking view and even greater comfort to your clients! The size of the terrace will be determined according to your wishes.”