Two years after graduating and after world economic crisis I was lucky enough to get a call to participate in delivery of pharmaceutical production plant PharmaSwiss. Firstly as an architect, doing various small drafting jobs, like lighting, partition walls, etc… and after that, with time, I was tasked with tasks regarding quality assurance, documentation preparation, and similar.

Even though this was not a job that was strictly in my line of work, nor my expertise, I approached this two year period of my life as a space to grow. This involved doing lots of paperwork pushing, and I had to get along with documentation management which was a pain to deal with, and working in big systems and companies in general., which is a pain of it’s own, since working with people proved to be demanding for me at a very young age.

Of course that there were lots of other different stuff that I got to see and learn along the way, but these two were the ones that shaped my character the most. People in big systems work and act differently, each one has a specific job position and task, and everyone tries to delegate job to someone else as much as possible. A lot of paperwork is needed to get things done and certified, and everyone seems to see paperwork unnecessary, and obsolete, yet people and institutions that do certification processes require these exact papers. This thought me to be very pedantic with papers, at a stage where I was a young architect.