During year 2020. Enterijer Janković with its daughter company EJ modular systems and DRKKW along with Tempogradnja engaged a modular housing project in Groß-Enzersdorf, near Vienna, Austria. 2 double houses, 4 housing units in total. 107 sqm each unit. I was assigned as an architect as well as a project manager, therefore I handled architectural design, project timeframes, construction details, I did construction supervision, and so on…

We aimed for affordable housing concept, but opted for outstanding architectural design that wasn’t native to the area. Architectural design was to stand out from the nearing objects and be a recognizable mark on the housing scenery. Initially, we chose contemporary colors, finishes and elements, be it wooded details, fencing, and similar design elements contrasted with anthracite details on the roofing, windows, doors, water drainage, etc… completing the whole as a pleasing visual design.

For this project, we opted out of providing the clients with interior elements. Instead, we provided design ideas that were to complement project as a whole.

For the structure of the housing units we chose to work with laminated wood because of the market requirements and price positioning. Prefabricated / modular profiles differ from the lightweight gauge steel only in material and shape. Wood vs. metal. Rectangular full profile vs. “C” shaped profile. Everything else usually is the same, with minor differences in connection details, mainly stairs. Below are attached images during production process as well as during assembly on site.