*organize everything

OK, this is whole new section, I will try to update this with time. I am trying to make writings of my attitudes and thought processes, as well as what lead to that way of reasoning in the long run. With time, I might (probably will) update my belief system as I get older, and maybe have insight into what my personal development looked like.

For now, things that I plan to include are, not in this particular order:

  • General life advices
  • General professional advices
  • Self care advices
  • Views on life as such
  • Stoicism and similar
  • Movie recommendations
  • Music recommendations
  • Instrument recommendations
  • Sports recommendations
  • Books recommendations
  • Various other resources that one should watch for
  • Travel recommendations

Some of advices that I would like to pass on to my (or anyone else’s sons) can’t be translated very well in-between languages, hence they will be written in original, so use Google translate or something, I can’t be bothered to do everything for you.

I draw great influences from positive and silly, yet tough man. Some examples: Dick from 3rd Rock from the Sun, or Ron Swanson from Parks and recreation, as well as Rich Cooper from Entrepreneurs in cars.